Transforming Your Vacation Rental Into A Smart Home That Your Guests (And Your Wallet) Will Love

    Posted by Eleni Miliou on Aug 14, 2018 3:40:06 PM

    These days, it’s not enough for your rental to be four walls, a roof, and a few comfortable beds. The modern traveling family has a certain expectation about services and amenities in a vacation rental that will make their vacations comfortable and convenient. As a vacation rental owner, investing in a few smart home technologies can help make managing your home easier, can save you money and can create a more comfortable experience for your guests.

    Why Make Your Home A Smart Rental?
    Using smart home technology is beneficial for both you and the renter. Smart thermostats, smart light systems, security systems and even smart sprinklers are more for your control and help in keeping costs down. Guests aren’t going to rent a home because it has a smart thermostat. These types of gadgets keep your home eco-friendly, easier to manage and they save money.

    The more fun gadgets are the things that renters see and make them want to stay in your home A smart fridge, high tech entertainment options, modern pool and patio devices and contemporary kitchen gadgets will improve the guests’ experience and will be something they remember from their trip.

    You don’t have to totally refit your rental to be VacationRental3000, but a few upgrades here and there can help you stay ahead of the competition, save money and improve the vacation experience for guests. Here are a few common (and a few not-so-common but still fun!) gadgets that can turn your rental into a smart rental.

    Smart Thermostats
    One of the most common smart home technologies that vacation homeowners are incorporating into their rentals is smart thermostats. Almost every vacation rental owner has received a frantic phone call from an overheated guest at 2 am screaming that their AC isn’t working. In the middle of summer. And they have a baby. It’s a stressful situation that requires immediate attention. A smart thermostat gives owners access to the home thermostat from their mobile device, so they can see the actual temperature of the home without having to go to the house. This saves time and makes finding a solution and cooling down the home much faster. This innovative system also allows owners to control how high or low guests can set the temperatures and makes it easy to turn the air off when the home is vacant, conserving energy and saving money.

    Smart home appliances are another way to add a touch of luxury look and feel to your home while conserving energy at the same time. From smart refrigerators and upscale coffee makers, smart gadgets in the most-used room in the home adds comfort and simplicity to the guest experience. While your vacation home may not need a fridge that keeps track of contents using barcode scanning, energy efficient dishwashers or electric kettles can be a nice touch to this popular room.

    Nothing is more important to a family on vacation than their safety. Being in a new city and a new home can put any family on edge, and having a smart security system can help them feel more at ease. From video doorbells to outdoor cameras and motion detectors, installing a high-tech security system allows guests to feel safe, and enables you to keep tabs on the home when you can’t be there.

    After a long day of travel, there’s nothing more frustrating for a guest that arriving at a home and having to stop somewhere else to pick up a key or fumbling with a lockbox using only the light from their phones. A smart lock allows guests to enter a personalized code upon arrival and get right into their home. It also allows you to customize the lock for each new guest. Some smart door locks can be linked to your cell phone, so you can be notified when someone is trying to enter the home or lock the home when it’s vacant.

    High-Tech Entertainment
    “Hey Alexa, play some pool party music!” Adding a few luxury entertainment gadgets to your rental can really make a difference in the overall guest experience. Voice-activated entertainment systems, smart TVs and portable speakers can add a new level of luxury to your rental.

    Outdoor Gadgets
    Don’t forget the outside of your home when it comes to incorporating smart gadgets into your rental. Smart backyard fire pits combine dancing flames and your favorite playlist, creating a relaxing outdoor ambiance for ultimate guest relaxation. Homes with private pools in popular destinations like Mallorca and Cyprus have incorporated innovative programs that link the pool heater to your phone, and allow you to control the temp of the water from wherever you are. Other upscale homes offer luxury loungers that turn sunbathing into a whole new experience. LED patio furniture allows guests to experience the backyard or patio in a whole new light (literally) and a canopy swing bed for the backyard takes relaxation to a whole new level.

    You don’t have to be an engineer or be an IT professional to include many of these high-tech gadgets in your home, and you don’t have to do all of it. Think about what features will make life easier for you as the owner, and what features will matter the most to your guests. With a few smart improvements, you can upgrade your vacation rental into a smart rental that guests will love.

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