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    Posted by Georgia Gaskell on Apr 11, 2019 12:27:31 PM
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    Whilst traditionally professionals away on business wouldn’t look further than a cheap hotel, the world of holiday rentals has opened up a whole new avenue for working accommodation. Business travellers now have the option to avoid grey, faceless and often depressing chain hotels, and instead opt for a holiday rental with the facilities and space that they need to gear up for a productive trip. So if you think your holiday rental has what it takes to appeal to the discerning business traveller, here are six critical things to consider.


    1. Bean Counter - Coffee-making facilities

    If there’s one thing a business traveller needs, values and craves above practically all other things, it’s coffee. Whether they’ve caught a red-eye flight or made a long journey by rental car on unfamiliar roads, it’s certain they’ll need a caffeine fix in the morning before that big meeting. Offering a coffee maker or an Espresso machine in your holiday home may make it easier for travellers to get psyched up for a busy day ahead. If you’re looking to go above and beyond to really get your brownie points in, we suggest leaving a good selection of teas and coffees, milk, and sugar. The chances are, your guest won’t have time to go out and buy these things for themselves.


    2. Touching Base - Internet connection

    Okay, so we’ve addressed the coffee situation. Next up is the internet. One of the most important features for a business traveller is quick and reliable online access. Whilst this is usually a bit of a given if you’re staying in a hotel, a strong and enduring internet connection could definitely be a feature that sways travellers to pick your holiday home instead of a competitor. So first things first, make sure your Wifi is up to scratch by doing a strength and speed test from all corners of your holiday home. Then ensure that you are advertising this feature in your property description. Last of all, make your Wifi password something catchy and memorable, then leave it written on a blackboard or in your welcome pack.

    3. Out Of Office - Defining a work space

    A massive perk of renting a holiday home or apartment over a boxy and confining hotel room, is the ability to pop open your laptop and work in a more scenic situation at any given moment. Your guest has the option to finish that report or call whilst they sit by the pool, in the garden or on the patio. However, you should also create a professional indoor workspace that is conducive to getting work done. Create a space complete with a desk, comfortable chair, a printer, and plenty of outlets to plug in phones, tablets, and computers. Make sure this area is well-lit, either by a large window or interior light fixtures.

    4. Looking The Business - Self-care amenities

    Whilst the journey to your rental may have been exhausting, and there may be a demanding work schedule ahead of your guest, you want them to feel fresh. Give your business traveller everything they need to deliver in the office whilst looking sharp and professional. This should include a power shower, a spacious wardrobe to keep their clothes organised, and an ironing board to press out wrinkles. Consider including a starter pack of laundry detergent so guests can clean their clothes after a long day. A full-length mirror in the master bedroom or by the front door gives guests a chance to take a final glance at themselves before heading out for a busy day.

    5. In The Know - Provide local information

    Your guest picked your particular holiday rental for a reason; Perhaps because it’s in the perfect location for their convention or meeting. By including information about the nearest taxis, buses, airports, and trains, you can make navigation around a potentially unfamiliar place far easier for your guests. Though a lot of this information can be sourced online, leaving local maps, transport schedules and taxi numbers shows you have made the effort and saves them looking it all up. If you know exactly where your guest will be working, you may want to leave tailored recommendations for local restaurants, shops or even nearby attractions they may be able to squeeze into their schedule.

    6. Ahead Of The Pack - Your welcome pack

    While travelling for business can mean an enjoyable change of pace and location, it can also be stressful and unfamiliar. Make your guests feel a little bit more at home by providing a complimentary welcome pack to get them acquainted with their temporary home. This could be something as simple as the basic grocery supplies, or a small basket filled with local goodies, discount vouchers, and general information about the area. Give your guests the opportunity to purchase luxury welcome packs that can be customised to their particular reason for visiting. For a business traveller, this might include an electronic charging bank, an airplane neck rest, a thermos flask, or simply upgraded produce in the fridge.


    Down To Business with EveryStay

    Because you can connect with your guests before they booked, you can get an idea for exactly what they need during their professional visit and how you can accommodate them the best. Every state allows you to write a thorough description that will entice business travellers, as well as include high-quality photos that will give them a clear idea of what to expect. EveryStay makes booking a holiday rental easy for business professionals, and even easier for holiday homeowners.


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