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    Posted by Eleni Miliou on Apr 4, 2019 9:14:16 AM
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    Firstly, if you’re reading this, you’re already well on your way to making the world of tourism less mean and more green. Just in joining the holiday home movement, you are providing alternatives for holidaymakers that want something other than the sprawling ecological nightmares that huge, all-inclusive hotels can become. If you’d like some even better news, there are some very small adjustments that you can make to appeal much more to the environmentally conscious guest, whilst also saving yourself money. It’s a win-win for you and the planet, so get stuck in to our eco-friendly checklist!


    • Light Bulb Moment - Make the switch to energy-saving

    So many of you will have already been converted to environmentally-friendly light bulbs, but for those who are in the dark about it, we’d love to see you make the switch. Energy-efficient bulbs can save between 25% and a staggering 80% of energy used compared to the traditional version. Although eco-friendly bulbs usually cost more to buy, they will reduce your energy consumption and on average last around 10 times longer than old-style incandescent light bulbs. This is a surefire way to make your rental a little greener, whilst saving on electricity bills over time.


    • Shower Power - Go with the low flow

    Whilst some might be a little put off by the name of this shower head adjustment, a low-flow fixture will reduce the amount of water you use each time it’s used without compromising on water pressure. This means your power shower will still be just that. An aerating model mixes air with the water flow to keep pressure on point, whilst the alternative system uses a pulsing system instead. Now whilst for the uninitiated this might sound a little complex and expensive, you’d be wrong! You can buy one of these badboys online for as little as a tenner and they are a complete doddle to install.


    • What Goes Around - Reduce, reuse, recycle

    To consider yourself a truly eco-friendly holiday rental owner, you really need to be providing your guests with clear instructions and reminders for recycling. Set up separate bins for organic food waste, general waste, and recyclables. If you have a garden, your plants will love your new compost system. You may even want to take it up a notch and put in place further divisions for recycling plastic, paper and glass. Remember that you don't need to be 


    • It Takes Two - Dual flush converter

    A dual flush toilet is a fantastic way to save on water, using far less than with a conventional flush mechanism. This either works with two buttons instead of one, or a type of handle that can let through different amounts of water. This type of system is widely accepted as the norm in countries like Australia, Singapore and Israel, with new buildings often mandated by legislation to use it. No need to dash your dreams of having an eco-friendly property if you don’t have one of these, though. Again, installing a dual flush converter is totally cheap and easy.


    • Planet-friendly products - Use ecological cleaning products

    Your guests will be pleased to know you’re using green cleaning products around the house. Washing up liquid, detergents and kitchen sprays often contain powerful chemicals that end up polluting the environment. If you opt for an organic product with official recognition (look out for a stamp on the bottle) you’ll be doing the world a favour. If you’re concerned about increasing spend once you make the switch, do a little research and you’ll find there are plenty of homemade solutions that will do the trick for a fraction of the cost. HINT: baking soda is your new best friend.


    • Think Global, Act Local - Leave eco-info for guests

    The guidebook you leave for your guests should reflect your environmentally-friendly attitudes. This will not only help sell your image as a desirable location for eco-conscious travellers, but it will help reinforce rules that will save water, energy and money. As long as you’re not too pushy with it, it’s okay to leave polite requests or instructions e.g. ‘please remember to switch off lights & appliances when you’re not using them’. To really get in someone’s green good books, you might also want to recommend locally-owned restaurants, markets, and shops stocking organic produce.


    • Green Machines - Invest in energy efficient appliances

    Electrical appliances account for one of the biggest uses of energy in the typical household. Think about it - your dishwasher, fridge, oven, hob, kettle, tumble dryer and washing machine (just to name a few) all contribute towards your bills and have a negative impact on the environment. So what should you do about it? Consider replacing your appliances with a better energy efficiency rating. An A+++ rating is the best you can possibly get for most appliances, so bear this in mind next time you think you’re due an upgrade.


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