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    Posted by Georgia Gaskell on Mar 26, 2019 11:00:00 AM
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    It’s no secret that the British holidaymaker loves a sun-drenched summer holiday destination. In fact, it’s as simple as sun, sea and sand for many amongst the Vitamin D deprived masses. The icing on the cake, you ask? A swimming pool by which to lounge in languor and top up the tan without even having to leave your rental villa. It’s also widely known that guests are willing to pay a price premium for this luxury. So if you’ve got it, you’d better flaunt it. Check out our top tips to ensure that you’re making a splash with your rental property’s pool.


    Safety First

    Almost one third of parents believe that a swimming pool is the whole definition of a family summer holiday - case and point. This means whilst there may be some very fortunate couples and groups of adults with the pool to all themselves, you may want to consider child-proofing measures for universal appeal.

    Options include fencing your swimming pool off. This also works for pet owners, who may be concerned about their curious companion taking a wrong turn. A self-closing, lockable gate is also a winning feature for those travelling with kids or pets. For extra security you can try installing a winter pool cover and security alarm.


    Size Matters

    It’s not enough to just mention you have a pool. Spell it out whilst writing your property description so your guests know exactly what they’re getting and be specific. Measurements of size and depth can prove to be extremely useful for prospective guests - especially for those travelling as a larger group, or as a family with children or beginner-level swimmers.

    It’s no use if someone arrives expecting something olympic-sized, when really you’ve got more of a paddling pool. It must be said that this works both ways - if your facilities are truly awesome, don’t keep it to yourself! Details like panoramic views, waterfall features, or heating, for example, are all helpful for potential guests putting together an idea of what your property can offer them on holiday.

    Show & Tell

    It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of holiday rentals, we think this is five times as true. Your swimming pool is the face of your villa so hit your guests with the money-maker and ensure that your best feature stands out! Take multiple shots if you need to capture the winning view from the infinity pool, or with the outside terrace in the background.

    We know you can’t control the weather, but a cloudless sky really does make a world of a difference to your images. Make sure you are visually transporting your guest to the side of that pool in a season that makes sense. Most importantly, if you’re more of an Instagram amateur than a paparazzi pro, either ask a friend to help you out, or pay an expert to help you showcase your pool.

    Keep It Clean

    Without a proper maintenance routine, your swimming pool can go from total dream to totally green in no time. We can’t stress how important spotless hygiene is; some might actually call it a case of sink or swim! Just like you would prepare the interior of your property for a guest, make sure you are ready to do what it takes to make your star feature really shine.

    Using a net, we recommend you regularly skim any leaves or other debris off the surface of the pool. The tiling on the bottom and sides of your pool also requires a bit of attention from time to time to stop algae buildup (and yes, it looks just as unattractive as it sounds). You can get rid of this with a scrubbing brush, or even splash out on an automatic robot pool cleaner to do the job for you!

    Good Chemistry

    You don’t exactly need to be Walter White to get your pool chemistry down - there are just a few important things to keep in mind. A human being’s healthy body pH falls between the neutral range of 7.2 and 7.6, so your swimming pool should mimic this. Chemical treatment will, amongst cleansing your pool of bacteria and various other undesirables, ensure that the water isn’t too acidic or alkaline. Test your water regularly and adjust with muriatic acid if pH is too high.

    So where to begin? Select what type of chlorine you’re going to use (it comes in tablets, sticks and granules) and carefully measure out the appropriate amount for your swimming pool. Choose a cyanuric acid, being careful to stabilise your chlorine without negating it. Again, test this. Add shock treatment to the water weekly and then follow up with algaecide the following day. If you still feel like you’re swimming against the tide, you can hire someone locally to do this.


    Take The Plunge

    Now you’ve got our top tips down for making your swimming pool the best it can be for your guests, list your property with EveryStay, remembering to highlight all its wonderful features to your guests, then just sit back and watch those enquiries roll in. Finally, remember to stay on top of any feedback you receive from guests (good and bad) regarding the pool, so you know exactly how to improve if and when necessary.


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