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    Posted by Georgia Gaskell on Apr 16, 2019 9:30:00 AM
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    Here’s the thing: we aren’t all super blessed with acres and acres of private land encompassing our homes. In fact, in certain locations you’ll be lucky if you can set up a window box outside your apartment for a little foliage. That’s right - for some of us, it’s a concrete jungle out there and without drastically relocating the chances of ever owning more than a balcony or patio is pretty much out of the question. But don’t fear - you’re not alone in your alfresco FOMO and there are ways to give the illusion of a much bigger exterior. With summer around the bend, this is the ideal time for you to put our top tips for teeny tiny outdoor spaces to the test. Get ready to think BIG with EveryStay.


    Grow Up - Use every inch of vertical space

    So what if your garden is a little bit spatially challenged? The sky’s the limit when you start utilising all of that vertical room. Planting tall trees or a trellis for climbing flowers is a wonderful way to stretch the eye upwards, thus creating an illusion of a larger garden. You could even build a pot plant wall if you are lacking in the soil department and feel that your paved patio could use an injection of flora. This kind of feature can work to divide up your space, making different ‘zones’ within your garden or terrace. Some nifty placing could also afford you and your guests some well-earned privacy from neighbours or adjacent streets.

    Inside Out - Bring homely touches outdoors

    A really clever way to make your garden look a little bigger, is to create a sense of cohesion between the interior and exterior design of the property. You may want to carry over a colour scheme, accenting flower pots and outdoor furniture in hues you find in the rooms most immediate to the garden. Depending on the likelihood of wet weather, you might also want to use soft furnishings that you find more typically indoors, like rugs, blankets and cushions. Not only does this make your garden seem like an extension of your living room, dining room, or kitchen, it gives guests a hint as to how this space can be used during their stay: for sharing alfresco meals, topping up the tan, reading a book or having a cheeky nap.

    Living In Colour - Paint your garden bigger

    Colour is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal if you’re looking to give the illusion of more space. Whilst dark colours absorb light, light colours reflect it, making a space seem brighter and blurring peripheral boundaries so you don’t feel so confined. This is not to say that your garden needs to be an all-white-everything situation - splashes of vibrant colours can keep the eye dancing around the space, rather than exposing its size. Why not plant some colourful yet low-maintenance flowers such as fuchsias, sunflowers, or a lavender bush? Reflective surfaces such as mirrors, shiny plant pots, water features, or glass tables can help to project those colourful touches.

    It Takes Two - Use dual purpose garden furniture

    Why splash out on multiple items for your home when you could roll several functions into one? Invest in garden furniture with a either a dual purpose or creative storage abilities and you will save money and space. Buy an outdoor storage table or a bench where the seating can double as a place to keep children’s toys, tools, or cushions. Chairs and tables that can stack or fold away neatly to give guests more space when needed are also a great addition to a tiny space. You could install hooks on a wall hang up folding chairs, for example, or buy a set of nesting tables that sit underneath one another.

    Stand Out Of The Crowd - Show off your 'wow' factor

    Okay, you may not have the biggest garden in terms of square metres, but what you are lacking in space, you can easily make up for in personality. You’ll be surprised what just one standout feature can do for your booking enquiries and a guest’s experience of your rental. A circular fire pit surrounded by seating could prove to be a brilliant focal point, whilst a hammock or swinging chair is perfect for enticing guests out to the garden. Even something as simple as a colourfully patterned statement wall or mural can be a total millennial-magnet. If you can afford to go a little further with this, consider a water feature, statue, hot tub, or even an outdoor shower (privacy permitting).



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