6 Winning Ideas for Vacation Rental Welcome Packs

    Posted by Eleni Miliou on Nov 28, 2018 4:59:48 PM
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    When families decide to forgo the traditional hotel experience and opt for a vacation rental instead, they’re doing so for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons more and more families are going the vacation rental route is because it feels more personal. They feel like they can experience the area like a local, they have more control over their vacation experience and can enjoy the comforts of home.

    One thing vacation homeowners can do to customise their guests experience even more, is by offering a welcome pack.

    Welcome packs come in a variety of different styles and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to make the guest feel like more than just a reservation number and personalise their experience.

    Some homeowners choose to leave welcome packs in the home for every guest upon arrival. Others prefer to do it only for first time guests or when they know a guest is celebrating a special occasion. How often you make a welcome pack and who gets one depends on the time and resources you have to make it happen.

    Here are a few different ideas of welcome packages that you could consider providing for your guests:


    1. Basic Package

    A welcome pack with “the basics” is always a welcomed surprise for guests who have spent the entire day traveling. A basic welcome pack equips guests with toiletries and basic kitchen or laundry supplies that help them get adjusted to the home.

    A basic welcome pack might include:

    • Travel size shampoo/conditioners
    • Soap
    • Travel toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Toilet paper
    • Paper towels
    • Coffee
    • Starter pack of dish soap or laundry detergent

    A basic welcome pack gives guests the essentials they need when they arrive so they don’t have to run right out to the store when they get there.


    2. Grocery Pack

    A grocery pack is similar to the basic package except it gives guest food and drink essentials, so they have something to eat when they arrive at the home. A grocery pack often includes staples like bread, milk, butter, soda, coffee, eggs, juice, and jam.

    Guests always appreciate having these at the home waiting for them, especially after a long day of travel.


    3. Romantic Package

    Many couples choose to stay in a vacation rental for their honeymoon, anniversary or just a romantic weekend getaway.

    If you know this is the reason for their visit ahead of time, putting a romantic welcome pack in the home, complete with champagne and maybe even chocolate covered strawberries, would be a thoughtful touch.


    4. Local Welcome Pack

    One of the main reasons guests choose vacation rentals is because it allows them to experience a new place like a local. For this reason, a welcome pack with guides and goodies from the local area is always an appreciated gesture. Your “live like a local” package could include maps of the city, schedules for local attractions and events, candy or snacks from the area, or local souvenirs.

    This welcome pack could also be tailored to the vacation home itself. For example, a welcome pack with pool toys and sunscreen would make sense for a pool villa in Mallorca, while guides to the closest hiking trails, some bug spray, and a compass would be perfect for an elegant cottage in the Lake District


    5. Experiences

    While guests appreciate physical items to make their stay more comfortable, they always love inside information about how to best experience the local area. Provide maps, tour guides, or discounts to nearby attractions or restaurants. Fill them in on the places close by that you recommend. This information is usually free to get and, when bundled together, can create a comprehensive package that will allow guest to get out and explore the area like a local.


    6. Paid Specialties

    While a complimentary welcome pack is a nice touch, giving the guests an option to pay for a specialty basket can also help to customise their experience. While these are usually more expensive to put together, guests typically don’t mind paying for custom baskets if they feel it will enhance their experience.

    Some examples of specialty baskets to offer to your guests include:

    - Cleaning Supply Baskets
    Most guests are very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of the home they are staying in. Allowing them to purchase a cleaning supply basket ahead of time eliminates the need to rush out to the local grocery store to get the kitchen, bathroom and laundry supplies that they need.

    - Specialty Food Baskets
    If your home has a BBQ, why not offer a BBQ welcome pack? This could include paper plates and cups, condiments, maybe even hot dog buns or potato chips. What a fun way to upgrade a weekend vacation then with a BBQ in the backyard? Guests staying in a cedar chalet may fall in love with the idea of pre-ordering everything they need to make S’mores over a campfire. Little touches like this can upgrade the guests’ entire experience.

    - Birthday Packages
    For families celebrating a birthday on vacation, a Happy Birthday package can take the stress out of birthday planning while they’re away from home. A birthday welcome pack could include balloons, birthday decorations and maybe even a cake. This special touch could take a birthday experience to the next level! 

    To Cut A Long Story Short

    A welcome pack shows to your guests that they are welcomed and personalise their experience. It is your choice whether or not you want to treat them to a custom welcome pack and EveryStay is determined to help you make that choice, by connecting you directly with them before they book.

    That way you can vet them, get to know them, and after you convert the enquiry into a booking, you can start thinking of the perfect, tailor-made welcome pack.

    And then, you can potentially turn them into repeat customers.

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